Orange Ombre Cake

Anyone seen this cake before? It is called Ombre cake..mainly it’s just a color degradation.

Start with any sponge cake and color you go. I found out that it is easier if you use 2 similar colors (best to use purple candy, and violet). After you mix the ingredients, divide into 2 (1 part colored purple candy, the other part colored violet). In the first part, put a drop/two of the color and mix well. Pour 1/2 of these coloured mix to the greased pan. Add one/two drop more to the remainder to obtain darker color and pour into another greased pan. Do the same with the second part (violet).

Once baked and cooled, stack them and put a buttercream rose of similar colour and a small butterfly to decorate.




About deviani

Just plain simple me..trying to enjoy life as it goes... Full time job as sales...part timenya bikin kue...loves to experiment...and eat!
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