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KBB#34 – Made in Indonesia (Bika Ambon)

haduhhhhhh…kenopo manehhh tantangan kali ini…ehh opo maneh…kok yo angel ngene corone..ndelalah kok malah bika ambon..wis ora patik o seneng…lebih pas e ora doyan.. wah berusaha mbaca bolak balik resepe…dipending pending sampe pas ngeliat kalender panik sendiri…wah iso2 ora ngumpulke nek … Continue reading

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The nerve I have…topsy turvy cake (not really)

Inspired by, and also many other internet sites, my customer wanted to create similarly…but thank God, it was not a real cake she wanted…she wanted a dummy cake for her son’s birthday. Sticking to the main colors, I designed … Continue reading

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Petal decorated mocha cake

Tried petal decorations for the first time…went through many different Youtubes tutorials.. Finally got the nerve to try it. I hope it added the pleasure to the eyes before consuming the cake. Happy Birthday to Joe’s papa 🙂    

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Sanrio cupcakes

Cupcakes for an office friend’s daughter…the usual culprits hahaha…Kero, Badtz, and Hello Kitty herself. I added 2 extra cupcakes, simply with a 3d hello kitty and the words Happy Birthday. Due for delivery tomorrow. I hope she liked it.

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2 cakes in 1 day

I must be crazy when I took the orders…but, somehow, I managed to get it done and delivered on time. One was for Emily, who turned 8..she wanted a simple cake decorated with My Melody and some flowers. The cake … Continue reading

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Blackforest mini cake

This cake is so simple but yet, it means a lot to a wife giving a surprise cake for her hubby’s birthday. A smaller version of the usual size as the wife had no intention to gain weight. However, she … Continue reading

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Why? Why? Training session on Saturday :(

It did not seem that bad…I was exaggerating haha…the training was very good. It was a refresher course and the session was not as expected. We ended the session earlier, that was always good. So, the day before, I prepared … Continue reading

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