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more cookies – it’s that time of the year


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Train cake for Ben

A record…another train cake for Ben (ordered by mummy Debbie). Debbie saw the cake on Baking Obsession ( and she wanted a similar cake. At first I told her that the cake I made will not look that good. However, … Continue reading

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Cookies for the office

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for the bakers at least. Baked these kaastengels (cheese sticks) and putri salju last night. Took longer than expected because I was being careless. I didn’t check the oven. The red knob at … Continue reading

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Choo choo train for Reva

Reva had turned 4 yesterday. He wanted Thomas the tank engine cake (3D). His father requested vanilla and choco cakes, which I layered with strawberry filling. Have a great birthday Reva.

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July birthdays

You know who you are….enjoy these cakesĀ and the whole family wishes you a Happy New Year, all the very best for you. Marble cake (made from egg white) filled with blueberry filling and mini lapis surabaya covered in cheese shavings.

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A farewell cake for my friends (the cupcakes are for the people at home). Enjoy and see ya  

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All sorts of cookies

Ramadhan will be here soon..time to get those cookie cutters out…time to reap the profits hahaha… As usual, with Ramadhan, the fasting month begins and followed by Hari Raya Aid’l Fitr (Lebaran). Most people look forward to the holidays associated … Continue reading

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