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Japanese Roll Cake

Another Japanese Roll Cake…based on the request of Achel and Shanty.. Blueberry Roll Batman┬áDeco and Chocolate Roll Piggy Devil Deco. Leftover batter is for Piano Roll.   Advertisements

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Japanese Roll Cake

after some serious addiction to macaron, I have shifted to Japanese Roll Cake aka Deco Roll Cake. The last time I made those roll cakes were in 2014, if not mistaken. After re-reading the recipe and getting things prepared (including … Continue reading

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Macaron madness

I wonder what was the reason behind my addiction to macaron. Not in terms of eating the macaron, though. I never really like sweet things….but this little cookie has driven me bananas. I went to try on recipes after recipes, … Continue reading

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KBB #51 – Lontong Paris

Akhirnyaaaa…setelah beberapa lama absen (lebih dari setaon kayaknya)…sekarang bisa ikutan lagiiii….mudah2an bulan bulan berikutnya juga masih bisa… Tantangan KBB kali ini lumayan ga time consuming, jadi bisa diatur kapan bikinnya… KBB#51 – Lontong Paris Oh ya, ini detilnya: *Lontong Paris* … Continue reading

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