Despicable Me – Minions

Beatrice’s birthday in Feb.

Last year she wanted princess cake for this year. Couple of days before her birthday, she wanted minions. OMG, when can I make that? I would be back from Singapore on Saturday morning and I would have to bake on the Sunday. Decorate it on Monday and get it delivered on Tuesday.

Plan..planning..planned…and finally executed.

4 layers of 6″ round cakes – strawberry, orange, and mango flavored. The round top is made using the Wilton round cake pan. Layered with cream, stacked them and covered with fondant. Had a very good helper to create the eyes.

While waiting for fondant to take its shape, I created the 2 mini minions. Haha look at the eyes. Looked a bit pissed.

On the same day, I created the cookies. Baked and stores in a tight container as I need the cookies to be “less oily”. Leave them for a day. The next day, cover the cookies with fondant and decorate as you wish. I decorated with many different facial expressions.

At the end, we managed to get it done and delivered. The look on Bea’s face is priceless.

Glad to make your day Cici Bea.

Love you always.


IMG-20130224-02215 IMG-20130224-02216 IMG-20130224-02217 IMG-20130224-02218 IMG-20130225-02225 IMG-20130225-02224 IMG-20130225-02223 IMG-20130224-02222 IMG-20130224-02221 IMG-20130224-02220 IMG-20130226-02229 IMG-20130226-02227 IMG-20130226-02226 IMG-20130225-02228 IMG-20130225-02227 IMG-20130225-02226 IMG-20130226-02232 IMG-20130226-02231 IMG-20130226-02230

PS: next year, let’s just go out to celebrate your birthday.


About deviani

Just plain simple me..trying to enjoy life as it goes... Full time job as sales...part timenya bikin kue...loves to experiment...and eat!
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10 Responses to Despicable Me – Minions

  1. Geraldine says:

    So cute! My son saw your pictures and asked me to make the same cake for his birthday! πŸ™‚

    • deviany says:

      Hello there, they are indeed a fun cake to make. Just wanna warn ya that you may encounter the same incident as I did…the brother of the birthday girl, Ben, 2 years old, with his teary eyed expression, screamed:”No, No” when we wanted to cut the cake. He hid the plastic knife as well. Anyways, once he was back to his room, we cut it, oh yeah, and it tasted good! Have fun if you decide to make it
      and do let me know how it turns out. Cheers.

  2. these guys look real ! And I do appreciate the hard work you did with the inside look, very nice.
    regards, Oana

  3. Keri says:

    Hi Deviany, the minion cakes looks super cute! I would like to enquire more about them. Could you drop me an email at pls? Many thanks!!!

  4. Ashlee Wang says:

    Hi. Do you bake the same cake for sale? You may want to drop me an sms at 9695 8161 – Ashlee

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